Community Service


Community Service (Small)After appearing in Municipal Court to answer charges, the Judge may sentence a defendant to complete community service. Probationers residing within the metro Atlanta area must complete their community service within the City of Conyers Municipal Complex, at the Georgia International Horse Park, or with the City of Conyers Planning and City Services Department.

Community service can be completed at approved local non-profit organizations for those probationers with recenly documented medical and/or physical limitations.

For those probationers that reside out-of-state, community service can be completed at approved locations run by the city or county in which they reside (examples include parks and recreation departments, animal shelters, recycling centers, police/fire departments, libraries, etc.).

For those probationers having financial difficulties and are unable to pay their fine, it is within the Court's discretion to approve the completion of community service in lieu of the fine. However, the state-mandated Crime Victim's Fund fee and the probation supervision fee must be paid and cannot be converted to community service. Credit of $7.25/hour worked will be given for each hour of community service worked.

Probationers are required to submit a signed work log to the Probation Office in order to receive credit for hours worked.