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Conyers GIS

Welcome to the City of Conyers GIS.  The current GIS uses ArcGIS, a full suite of Environmental Research Systems Institute (ESRI) software.  The City of Conyers GIS is located in the Department of Planning and Inspection Services at 1174 Scott Street, on the second floor. 

With growing technology, the GIS maps are spatially associated with database links to supply various forms of analysis for city departments and other jurisdictions in our area.  As GIS technology evolves, our organization and business processes will change to reflect new business and technical needs. 


What is GIS?

Georgraphic Information System (GIS) allows businesses, corporations and governments to view, understand, interpret and visualize data in a number of ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends.  These patterns and trends come in the form of maps, globes, reports and charts.  GIS operates on multiple levels.  On the most general form, GIS is used as computer cartography such as mapping.  The real power in GIS is through using spatial and statistical methods to analyze attributes with geographic information.  The end result of the analysis can be derivative information, interpolated information or prioritized information.

Pricing for Conyers GIS Data

Paper Size        Price
8.5 x 11              $10.00
8.5 x 14              $10.00
11 x 17               $20.00
13 x 19               $20.00
24 x 36               $30.00
30 x 42               $75.00
42 x 54               $125.00

**Second map printed of first (same) map is half price.  Prices above are for full color printing.  Line art printing (ex. roads) available for half price of above pricing.

Conyers GIS Digital Data Price Schedule

  • Street center lines with address - $100.00
  • City limits - $50.00
  • Street center lines without addresses - $50.00
  • Point address - $100.00
  • Complete Cherokee Run Golf Club course - greens, bunkers, fairways, tee boxes and markers - $500.00
  • Stormwater (points, lines and polygons) - $100.00
  • Georgia International Horse Park (gates, parking, monuments, restrooms and buildings) - $150.00
  • Olde Town Conyers monuments - $40.00
  • Other vector data - $25.00 per layer (ex. streetlights, voting districts, FLU)
  • Two-foot contours (LiDAR) - $1,550.00 for layer/$40.00 per tile
  • Aerial photography - $1,550.00 for layer/$40.00 per tile

All requests that are not pre-prepared will be considered as a custom product request.  Printed maps resulting from custom work will be charged as the "Printed Maps" rates listed.  Tile size = 2500x2500. 

Data Exchange Agreement must be signed and delivered prior to data dissemination.

For more information, contact Donna Freeman, GISP, GIS Manager at 770-785-3805 or

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